Rabu, 23 Februari 2011

things recently

# having intimate date with HRM ass-ignment. and have to presented it NEXT WEEK! damn.
# having such a great time yesterday, February 23th 2011, celebrating Tania Rachmani a.k.a Tance biryhday blast at Maja House :) yippie yay. and the Spaghetti Oglio Olio is soo spicy, that i really likey, though. hehe
# having so much things in my mind. related to boyfie and future date with him :p
# having a big smile - when i borrowed Mayang's dress and perfectly fit in me! yeay!
# being dissapointed when i expected much for handling next event.
# having new underwater toycam! i'm gonna post it soon. watchout!
# being judge by some friends that i not likely to be judge without hearing my explanation -_____-
# having great parents and bestfriend surrounded around me

'dear God, thanks to be very nice with me. Love you with all my heart'

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